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Your brake machining specialist

We have high-quality equipment to do each brake machining job right. Our team is educated and trained on the proper process and has ample experience with brake machining.

About our brake machining

Brake machining removes runout in the brake rotor/drum leaving a new finish for the brake pads to mate to also reducing brake pad squeal giving you the confidence you need when you put your foot on the pedal.

Mechanic Inspecting the Car Brake — Nambour Automotive Services in Nambour, QLD


Our process typically begins with a detailed inspection of the brake pads, rotors and other components.
Car Brake — Nambour Automotive Services in Nambour, QLD


After inspection, we make a servicing recommendation based on the condition of the brakes. If the brake rotors are still in average to above average condition, then brake machining is likely the best option.
Mechanic Fixing the Car Brake — Nambour Automotive Services in Nambour, QLD


Brake machining ensures your brakes work at an optimal level and that the brake rotors do not cause avoidable damage to the brake pads. We use a detailed process and high-quality machinery to machine brakes the right way.

Why choose us?

Our team takes pride in exceptional work on brakes, and we utilise only the finest equipment possible. Brake machining also helps you save money by avoiding early replacement, and we offer competitive prices for our service. Our team is friendly and transparent, answering any questions you may have about the brake machining process.
Can you machine brake rotors?
Yes, we have a brake lathe inhouse for all disc and drum machining to ensure your vehicle stops the way it should.
Is it necessary to machine brake rotors?
How do I know if my rotors are bad?