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If your vehicle is due for a tune-up according to the recommendation of the manufacturer, then bring it in for the necessary repairs and to ensure the warranty remains intact.

About our logbook servicing

Logbook servicing, often referred to as manufacturer’s handbook service, is a way to service your vehicle the way the manufacturer intended. During logbook servicing, our team runs a complete diagnostics process, makes necessary repairs and upgrades and returns your vehicle running as good as new.
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Maintain your warranty

One of the primary purposes of logbook servicing is to ensure the car warranty is not void by following the direction of the manufacturer. We know how to interpret the needs of each vehicle according to the manufacturer’s specifications and service accordingly.
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Detailed inspection

In addition to the routine services required for the logbook service, we also conduct a thorough inspection of every aspect of vehicle performance and recommend necessary repairs.
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Optimal vehicle performance

Routine service, as requested by the manufacturer, makes it easier to keep your vehicle in peak condition for longer. It allows your vehicle to perform better, which reduces the risk of expensive repairs.

Why choose us?

Here at Nambour Automotive Services, we pride ourselves on competitive prices, quality work and friendly service. With our logbook service, we keep your vehicle running the way it should and detect any potential complications before they become serious.
Can I keep my new car warranty if you service my car?
Yes, you can, it does not void your warranty.
Can you drop me home while you service my car?
Do you use scan tool equipment?

Get in touch

If you want to learn more about our logbook servicing and the benefits of routine maintenance, then give us a call or email us at any time. Our friendly team can answer any questions you may have and arrange a time to service your vehicle promptly and effectively.