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Quality performance upgrades

Our team here at Nambour Automotive Services offers performance upgrades, ensuring our clients have the performance and horsepower they desire.

About our performance upgrades

Performance upgrades are a way to improve the way your car performs on and off road. Whether your vehicle needs a turbo injector or injector pump upgrade or just ecu remap, we have you covered.
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Performance clutch & flywheel

We offer Performance clutch and flywheel upgrades suitable for most vehicle's, whether your going up the beach, off road, heavy towing or burning rubber down the track we can fit the right clutch for you.
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Turbo & exhaust

Our team can improve the turbo and exhaust system in your vehicle, which are interconnected components that play a vital role in the engine’s horsepower.
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Other upgrades

We upgrade various other components of vehicle performance including, suspension, brakes and more. Get in touch today to find out about our full list of potential upgrades.

Why choose us?

We are dedicated to helping your vehicle perform at an ideal level, and we tailor our performance upgrades to meet the need of your vehicle. We offer competitive prices and pride ourselves on exceptional customer service.
How do you increase horsepower in an engine?
Upgrading to a high-performance exhaust system is perhaps the best way to increase horsepower, along with a high-flow air filter and turbocharger.
How can I improve overall engine performance?
Can a new clutch make a car faster?