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Your tyre experts

Nambour Automotive Services offers new tyres and related tyre services, including balancing and alignment.

About our tyres & balancing

Here at our workshop, we have an extensive inventory of tyres and can order them according to your needs and preference. Our team also balances tyres to ensure optimal performance, safety and extended life. We also offer routine tyre alignments as well.
Mechanic Replacing Car Tyre — Nambour Automotive Services in Nambour, QLD

Replacement tyres

We pride ourselves in providing quality tyres for our clients, and we offer options for just about every model there is. We recommend new tyres every two to four years, depending on how much you drive annually.
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Tyre balancing

We offer tyre balancing for both existing tyres that remain in good condition and new tyres we provide.
Mechanic Fixing Car Tyre — Nambour Automotive Services in Nambour, QLD

Tyre alignments

If you have issues with your tyre alignment, then bring your vehicle in for a routine alignment.

Why choose us?

We offer competitive prices and deliver exceptional results for our tyres and balancing services. Our team is friendly, and we can answer any questions you may have throughout the process.
What is the difference between wheel alignment and balancing?
Wheel alignment involves adjustment of the wheel angles so they perfectly align to allow for an effortless driving experience. Wheel balancing identifies wheel weights and balances the weight as required.
Is it bad to have unbalanced tyres?
Do you need to balance tyres when you change them?